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Macro UX / Victoria and Albert Museum

V&A’s Silk Road: Asia

Working with the V&A Museum, our MA UX design group at the University of the Arts London aimed to design an embodied experience of their fascinating online collection. As a result, our team appropriates the Maritime Silk Road as a context and develop an interactive, generative VR experience, “Silk Road: Asia”.

Blog post

  • Week 6(2): Presentation and Reflection
  • Week 6: A Continuing Journey
  • Week 5: Play-test
  • Week 4: Silk Road Village
  • Week 3: Escaping Room
  • Week 2: Looking through the glass
  • Week 1: V&A’s Collections, Online

External partner
Victoria and Albert Museum

Sanya Nayar
Shiwen (Svaney) Shen
Ziyou (Ines) Yin
Jinsong Liu (Sylvester)