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Materializing Data Bias

Algorithms are continuously shaping our lives and influencing the decisions we make. Whether it is Facebook’s algorithm, tailoring your feed for news, items you should purchase, or even showcasing job openings, we might wonder, how do these algorithms make the decisions they do? Data bias, occurs when there is a lack of representation in a data set. This often causes algorithms to be biased.

Blog posts

  1. Proposal: Materialising Data Bias ︎
  2. Metaphors for Algorithm ︎
  3. Literature Review: Design Noir ︎
  4. Initial Brainstorming ︎
  5. Workshop: Rebellion on Biased AI ︎
  6. Critical Objects Analysis ︎
  7. Outcome ideation︎
  8. Workshp: Co-design critical artefacts ︎
  9. Prototype: your right hand man ︎
  10. Prototype: Impression Checker ︎
  11. Refinement and Context building ︎
  12. Final outcome︎

Luchen Peng
Tiana Robison
Jinsong (Sylvester) Liu

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